Leverage our global connection with VCs, founders and corporate executives through TEN13, a network driven syndicated investment platform.
Leverage our global network.


We review 600+ deals each year and invest in the top 1%. As a member of the TEN13 network you will gain access to our bespoke investment opportunities. We have an extensive investment framework that allows us to invest in founders and products that win.

It takes time to build up a comprehensive network and gain access to the best early stage technology deals. TEN13 values the compounding effect of networks and through our 12,000+ contacts spanning venture capital, family offices and angels in Australia and Overseas we work comprehensively with founders to access talent, funding, and customers.

Membership is currently open and free to verified members. Minimum qualification is accredited 'sophisticated investor' status.
Once you become a member, you’ll be receive deals memos when new opportunities are launched.  Deals are shared only with TEN13 members.
Build your portfolio. Start backing early stage technology companies. Investment starting at $10,000 AUD minimum cheque sizes.


Can anyone join TEN13?

TEN13 is for Australian ‘wholesale investors’.

The majority of our investors qualify as sophisticated investors under the wholesale investor guidelines. To qualify as a sophisticated investor, you must have either net assets of more than A$2,500,000 or a gross income for each of the last two financial years of at least A$250,000 per annum.

To verify your eligibility for TEN13, prospective investors will be asked to supply a current and valid qualified accountant’s certificate certifying that they are a ‘sophisticated investor’ plus other supporting material for regulatory and AFSL requirements.

As a member of TEN13 there's a good chance you will see deals here that you won't see anywhere else.

Can international investors join?

At this stage, TEN13 is only open to Australian investors and entities.

What type of entities can invest through TEN13?

You can elect to invest in TEN13 as an individual, company, trust or superannuation fund.

These types of entities are all acceptable investment vehicles for deals listed on TEN13.

Please refer to the correspondence you receive from the TEN13 team outlining the documentation required for each entity type.

How much does it cost to join?

It costs nothing to join TEN13.  Fees only apply should you decide to invest in any of the advertised deals.


What due diligence do you undertake on the deals?

Our team (Transition Level Investments) has made over 30 direct early stage investments into companies from around the world.

In doing so, we have developed and refined a data driven, comprehensive standard due diligence process.

Transition Level Investments will also be investing in each deal directly. We come in on deals featured on TEN13 on the same terms as our members, ensuring strong alignment.

How risky are these deals?

The investment opportunities for TEN13 are early-stage startups. Early-stage investing is, by nature very risky, and there is a high likelihood that you could lose your investment entirely.

A successful investment, however, can produce large multiples of your initial investment. The possibility of these high outside returns is the main attraction for investors.

We encourage investors to take a portfolio approach when investing in early-stage technology.

If you are new to investing in startups, it’s best to seek professional advice before making any investments.

Where do you source deals?

We source deals from our 12,000 contact strong global network of founders, startups, accelerators, professional investors, venture capital funds, corporate and trade bodies.

As a member of TEN13 there’s a good chance you see deals here, you won’t see anywhere else.

What are you looking for in startups?

We look for:

  1. An amazing founding team or founder
  2. A Business that will scale.
  3. Early proof of traction.
  4. Technical capability is a must.
  5. Global problems solvers.
  6. Customer centric business


Can I request to change deal terms?

No.  Deal terms are negotiated by Transition Level Investments and these terms flow down to TEN13 investors. Deal terms are shared with approved TEN13 members.

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

This is determined on a deal-by-deal basis.  Generally, the minimum investment is A$10,000.

How do I make an investment?

Once you have been approved to join TEN13, you will receive deal notifications when new opportunities are released via email.

Deal notifications feature everything you need to know about the opportunity including:
company overview, founding team, traction / revenue status, deal terms and any other relevant information.

To request an allocation in the deal, simply follow the steps in the deal notification email.  If your request is successful, you will be notified shortly after allocations are drafted.

When I invest, will shares be issued to me?


If you are successful in investing in a deal on TEN13 you will join via a relevant schedule as part of the Nominee Agreement. In effect, the assets (shares) will be held via 'bare trust'.

How much does it cost to become a member of TEN13?

There are currently no membership fees to join TEN13 or to view deal opportunities once your membership has been approved.

Deals attract standard 'carry' of 20%, unless noted otherwise on the deal notification. 'Carry' is a percent of any profits from an investment payable upon exit.

We've outlined the fee structure below.

What documents are required to be entered into?

We have three documents that make up our legal documentation

  1. Nominee Agreement: This is the nominee arrangement and vehicle for holding of shares on your behalf as investors - there are supporting schedules added for each investment completed.
  2. Management Agreement: Facilitating the management rights over each investment via the nominee to TEN13 as managers, this is a similar arrangement to a venture capital manager.
  3. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): Given the sensitive nature of the information provided for each deal, we have ensured confidentiality is maintained regarding the information that we share with you via TEN13.


What are the fees for investing?

There is no fee to join TEN13. Fees are deducted from the Investment Amount (being the amount provided by you) at the time the shares are acquired by TEN13 Nominee.

The fees applicable to each deal are as follows:

  1. Set-Up Fee: 4% of funds Investment Amount
  2. Management Fee: 2% of Investment Amount for 3 years (total 6%) - called up-front
  3. Carried interest “Carry”: 20%

When are fees payable?

Once allocations are finalised on each deal, we will share your particular allocation including required fees. This will be via email from the TEN13 investment team. Fees are deducted from the Investment Amount (being the amount provided by you) at the time the shares are acquired by TEN13 Nominee.

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