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Early-stage venture capital to fuel the next generation of category-defining companies.
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We are the network-driven VC.

Early stage venture capital for ambitious founders and investors. We make investments of $300k to $2m in Pre-seed to Series A and beyond with a focus on technology that will define the future.


Founders unlock a global network of 500+ world-class operators, investors and innovators.


Investors gain access to the best venture opportunities, vetted and curated by our experienced team.

AUD invested

Since 2019, we've deployed nearly $100 million to fuel founders



We’ve invested in and accelerated tech startups, globally



With first cheques $300k-$2m, we invest pre-Seed, Seed, and beyond


Network Investors

Operators, innovators and founders from the world's leading companies.

Stew and the team at TEN13 were our first institutional investor and still remain very hands-on. They have been incredibly helpful with future fundraising as well as operational challenges over the years. As founders, there is not much more you can ask of your early investors!

Kim Teo
CEO & Co-founder

The team at TEN13 have all been incredibly supportive. We were lucky enough to have Steve join our board in the early days, and have benefited from both his, Stew and the broader team’s advice. When founders ask who I would recommend talking to, I always put TEN13 forward.

Andrew Barnes
Co-CEO &  Co-Founder

The team at TEN13 are  amazing, I am so glad they have been our first investment partner. They go  above and beyond the typical VC remit by being our true partners who help us  grow our business.

Professor Karen Nelson-Field
Founder and CEO

Stew, Steve, and the  team at Ten13 are the best kind of investors any entrepreneur can ask for.  They have backed us from the beginning, without any hesitation to always do  what’s best for the company, and always willing to help. All investors like  to proclaim how unwavering they are during tough times, but very few truly  live up to that; Stew & Steve are such investors. Every time we’ve hit a  bump on the road, they’ve always been willing to roll up their sleeves and do  what’s necessary. I couldn’t recommend them higher, and I am extremely lucky  to have them on my cap table.

Ham Serunjogi
Co-founder & CEO

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