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Co-Invest in venture capital

Co-Invest in Venture capital

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Start Investing
Available to Sophisticated Investors


Our investors have worked at

No upfront commitment.
Only pay fees when you decide to invest

This isn't new... it's just better.

We want you to invest in companies you love, not lock you into a fund with no alignment.

Our own capital makes up on average 15% of every seed deal.
Currently Fuelling...

A global network of VCs, founders and operators co-investing together.

We've co-invested with the best


25+ curated venture capital deals in your inbox every year.
I love the 100 hours of due diligence I have to do myself before every deal.
- No Investor ever.


1 line on your cap table and a dedicated team working with you.
Doing legals and collecting capital from every investor on our cap table is great.
- Not a founder we've seen.
  • Start building your Portfolio
    We invest globally. Day One
    We understand to get great returns you need to invest in global companies. We're not an ESVCLP so we have built a global portfolio.

    Across 5 continents.
  • Top quartile VC returns since 2011
    We originally started as the family office of Steve Baxter (PIPE Networks, Shark Tank).

    Now we run TEN13 with a mission to create a platform to empower seasoned angels and family offices.
  • We only invest in the top 1%
    We see 2,000+ deals per year and invest in the top 1%.

    By the time an investor gets a deal memo in their inbox, over 100+ hours of work has been done by our team.
  • A community of seasoned operators and founders
    Our network has built businesses and been through the trenches.

    We understand this is a 10 year journey and it's about the relationships you build.
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