We back global ambition.

$80m+ invested across dozens of world-changing companies

In the last 3 years, we have fuelled founders across 5 continents to build the next generation of category-defining companies.

Most recent investments

Australia | MarTech
Automated marketing platform that manages the relationship between big brands and local retail partners
Nigeria | FinTech
The payment gateway for African workers employed by foreign entities.
India | Health
More accessible financing for healthcare.
Canada | Health
Out-of-the-box software to manage online medical practices.

Our portfolio

Nigeria | FinTech
Send and receive money across Africa in a matter of clicks.
Australia | F&B-Tech
Mobile ordering platform that provides a visual menu and tool for table-ordering, pickup, and delivery.
Australia | Design Software
Create videos in the cloud, from your browser. Exited to Microsoft (2021)
Australia | EdTech
The largest curated eLearning library from top training providers in a single subscription
New Zealand | AutoTech
Building the global platform for replacement parts, starting with the auto parts industry.
Australia | e-Commerce
Tools to turn any webpage into an e-commerce experience.

Australia | AdTech
Turning human attention into a metric to better inform programmatic ad buying.
Customer Success
Gamifying the ticket sales to generate higher sales for artists globally.
Australia | EdTech
An upskilling platform for the future of jobs in tech.
Australia | MedTech
VR headset to deliver therapeutic medical treatment.
Australia | FinTech
Smart payment communications platform for receivables and collections management
Indonesia | FinTech
Early wage access for Indonesian workers.
Australia | FinTech
Investment platform to access all sorts of alternative assets from watches to baseball cards.
Australia | Retail
Checkout product recognition software.
Philippines | FinTech
Peer to peer mobile payments app to send funds from USA to Philippines.
Australia | Events
Helping associations run hybrid
events online with ease.
Colombia | FinTech
Mobile app that replaces the physical transaction book for the 50 million Latin American micro-businesses
Nigeria | FinTech
All-in-one financial management solution for small businesses in Africa.
Australia | Audio
Creator-first, free streaming audio platform for all audio types, including user generated audio.
Australia | e-Commerce
Preezie makes smart recommendations to online shoppers to boost conversion.
Nigeria | FInTech
Embedded finance tools for Africa's digital businesses and marketplaces.
Australia | Logistics
Integrates businesses to any supply chain system to automatically manage operations.
Australia | FinTech
Invoice generation for small businesses and contractors across 150+ countries.
D2C cremation services and pre-paid cremation plans.
Australia | AI/Retail
In-store audio software to better engage with customers.
Australia | HR
One tool to book desks and boost attendance in your hybrid office, all inside Slack
Australia | Events/Sales
A fairer online ticket marketplace.
Australia | HR
Pre-employment candidate testing software.
Nigeria | FinTech
Small business financing across Africa
Australia | Sneakers
Infrastructure for sneaker resellers to run their operation.
Australia | e-Commerce
One-click checkout solution.
Gamification to increase professional team performance.
Australia | Auto
Every vehicle online, priced in real time.
Australia | F&B
The leading non-alcoholic beer option.
Australia | Software
PDF markup and collaboration tool.
Australia | Gaming
The platform to licence IP into video games.
Australia | Fitness
Vitruvian's at-home gym system delivers up to 200kg of weight.
Australia | FinTech
Powering the 'get rich slow movement', Pearler offers access to the US and ASX market.