August 12, 2022

Jeff Bezos Invests in Chipper Cash | Vurbl Launches Platform | Clipchamp on Startup Grind​

Catch up on all the news and fundraising announcements from TEN13, Australia's fastest growing syndicate.

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Doug Oliver

It was an exciting month at TEN13 as we announced our first follow-on investment in the TEN13 portfolio with Chipper Cash Raising its Series B after closing its Series A in April this year. With Jeff Bezos and Ribbit Capital leading the round, Chipper joins their portfolios alongside existing investments like Airbnb, Robinhood, Uber, Twitter, Brex and many others.

We are preparing to launch another deal to our investors this week with several others heating up the pipeline so if you are an investor in TEN13 look forward to that memo in your inbox soon. If you’re a sophisticated investor looking for access to quality venture deals sign up today.

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What we’ve been up to

💵 Closing Chipper Series B

This week we announced Chipper Cash had closed their US$30m dollar round led by Ribbit Capital and Bezos Expedition (Jeff Bezos Family Office). You can read about the round in Tech Crunch and why we originally invested in the company since seed here.

🎨Australia’s creative economic boom

Stew wrote a great piece covering the ecosystem of creative startups coming out of Australia. With hundreds of millions of collective users globally Australia is becoming a hotspot for creating creative companies. This in turn is attracting new investment interest from big international funds looking to get into the market.

🎙Listening on Vurbl

Vurbl launched their audio platform in November and it’s feature-packed! With other 2 million audio clips covering 300+ topics. You can claim your very own ‘station’ on their website and read all about the full launch on Forbes.

🌳 Steve talked to NAB about running your business like a startup

Some of the best startup companies often start by solving a need that occurs when founders are operating and working in SMEs and we love investing in founders that are able to solve this need. You can catch the interview on their site.

👋🏼 Stew sat down to talk about what a startup is really worth with the AFR

COVID has seen startup valuation only increase and become more competitive. Public market technology stocks like Zoom, Palantir and Amazon all benefited greatly from the pandemic.

🁢 Steve is at the Live Tiles annual conference tomorrow

Steve is speaking at Live Tiles annual conferences, the line up is looking great and the conference is completely free! You can sign up here.

What has sparked our interest

📈 Listening to Alex Dreiling talk about the insane growth of Clipchamp on Startup Grind.

🐦Twitter announced the launch of its own stories feature following Snapchat and Instagram. It also released its plans for audio-only chatrooms similar to Clubhouse.

Sarah Tavel partner at benchmark talked about UGC marketplaces and the disadvantages of chasing GMV on 20-minute VC.

🤩Loving fluent’s use of marketing announcing their release in Spanish. Check out their Wes Anderson filmed parody launch here.

🏦Reading A16z new piece on the rise of retailer payment methods.

👀Consuming Whitesight’s new report on the rise of payroll provider services.

We’re investing!

At TEN13, we are Australia’s largest venture syndicate investing in technology startups and fuelling ambitious founders as their early backers. Our cheque size ranges from $250,000 — $2,000,000 and we are excited to back startups globally with a core focus on Australia, New Zealand, US and Africa.

Come across a startup that could be a good fit? Send us an email!

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