August 12, 2022

Go1 raises $200m from Softbank becoming Australia’s latest unicorn. Carted launches a new site!

Catch up on all the news and fund raising announcements from TEN13, Australia's fastest growing syndicate.

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Doug Oliver

t’s been a special month at TEN13 with Go1 becoming our first unicorn after raising US$200m from Softbank Vision Fund, TEN13, Seek Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Airtree. On the back of our family office portfolio company, Arkose Labs, also raising $70m from Softbank last month.

A reminder about who we are:

We’re building out Australia & New Zealand’s largest syndicated venture capital platform, with 275+ investors made up of early employees, execs, and founders of some of the world’s best companies.

$273m Raised. Go1 Fireside Chat Next Wednesday

Open to all, we deep dive into Go1 and its journey to 300+ employees and becoming Australia’s latest unicorn at 12:00pm — 1:00pm AEST on Wednesday 18th August — if you are interested in attending please register here. Spots limited.

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We are getting ready to launch new deals soon

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Here are a few investment notes from companies we’ve fuelled this year:

US$200m raised by Go1, becoming Australia’s newest unicorn

Go1 became a unicorn in July with a monster raise for the Australian ecosystem, raising US$200m from Softbank Vision Fund, TEN13, Seek Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Airtree.

We backed Go1 in their earliest of days and are privileged to be supporting them once again in this latest round led by Softbank.

Keen on increasing your dealflow and want to start investing with our community?

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(Only open to Aus/NZ residents qualification as a wholesale/sophisticated investor required)

Launching our city leads program

It’s been awesome to launch our ‘city leads’ program where a select group of TEN13 members help to arrange monthly gatherings in each city to engage across our investor community.

We kicked off our first event in Brisbane. Looking forward to evolving these into breakfasts and lunch-and-learn formats in the future.

TEN13 Content Hangar

$1m to $273m raised. 5 Lessons from the board of a unicorn

$1m raised to now over $273m raised. 5 lessons Steve learned being on the board of Go1 for the last 5 years. Launched here and republished here.

Sharing his learnings about teams and equity, hiring and firing, expanding to the US, and where to headquarter your next unicorn.

Building a career in startups and VC

Our Head of Platform, Doug, sat down with the team at Earlywork, a community for early career startup operators and VCs to talk about the less glamorous side of Angel Investing and taking investment principles to shape your career. Read more here.

Square’s $29b acquisition of Afterpay

We looked closely at the talk of the town last week with our Investment Associate, Lachy, after Square agreed to buy Afterpay for US$29B. Half of the world’s bank execs were googling what buy now pay later is!

We break it down their margins and why Square is a couple moves ahead of the game. Read it here.

Adding More to Cart(ed)

Check out life at Carted.

Check out the new website!

(Mr) Yum!

Mr Yum launched advanced batching of beverage and food order on their platform. Kitchen staff rejoice! This one is a game-changer and world first. Watch more here.

Mr Yum was featured in the NYT. From Melbourne to New York!

Chipper Cash Turned 3!

ImaliPay Celebrated their first birthday!

Vurbl is highlighting their users!

Vervoe is helping you hire the best!

Arcade was featured in Boss Magazine about empowering sales staff


Calling all awesome folks to check out roles across our portfolio! Feel free to forward this update to anyone looking to make an impact in their next career move.

💳 Chipper Cash is hiring across all departments. Product, Compliance, Engineering, Marketing, Growth, and more.

🍔 Mr Yum is hiring massively in Sales / Accounts in Brisbane, Sydney, London & Engineering Melbourne or Remote.

Drawboard is hiring Account Executives & C# Developers in their Melbourne HQ

👩🏻‍🏫 Go1 is picking up the pace to revolutionise corporate training and education and our hiring in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Salt Lake City.

🛒 Carted is hiring designers, Go Engineers & React developers.

📓 Bookipi is hiring Growth Marketers, Operations Associates and Data Analysts.

Ask Me Anything with Steve Baxter & Andrew Barnes on Go1.

Join us next week Wednesday 18th of August 12pm (AEST) for an AMA with Steve Baxter (Partner TEN13) and Andrew Barnes (CEO of Go1). Being on the board of a unicorn and expanding into more detail his 5 lessons learned article you can read here.

Limited Space, sign up to the webinar here.

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Doug Oliver

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