August 12, 2022

GO1 AUD$62m Series C | 5th TEN13 deal closed | HR & Ed-tech Leaders Webinar

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Doug Oliver

It has been an exciting time as we start to lift lockdown further here in Australia. The team caught up for the first time in nearly 3 months to have a meal and celebrate the closure of our 5th TEN13 deal.

There has been plenty of uncertainty in the venture market and whether appetite remains for early-stage investment. We are happy to say with the closure of our latest deal that we achieved several milestones, including fully subscribing in less than 24 hours. It was also our biggest deal ever at TEN13 with the most members participating in a single deal to date. We are super proud to partner with this team and can’t wait to share more in the coming month!

We are always happy to continue helping more founders and getting sophisticated investors involved in early-stage technology investment, so get in touch, pitch to us or sign up via our website.

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What the team has been up to

👨‍⚖️ We hosted a fantastic HR and Edtech session with Transition Level & TEN13 portfolio companies Inside Sherpa, Vervoe & GO1. The founders talked about how to reduce churn, delight your customers and maintain a culture while adapting to change.

👨🏼‍💻 Stew wrote an article on Livewire around the boom of Zoom, workplace tools and where the next generation of unicorns are going to come from in the next decade.

🇦🇺 Steve sat down with the team at AusBiz to talk about the changes FIRB could have in Australian Startups attracting outside capital. Also gave a shoutout to the GO1 team on their latest capital raise.

👨‍💻 Stew chatted with other early-stage investors; Matt Allen, Kylie Frazer, Andrea Gardiner to talk about what the future state of capital looks like for VC, with alternative models and syndicates on the rise.

Round of Applause

💸 GO1 raised AUD$62m Series C round. Welcoming new investors Salesforce Ventures with Madrona Ventures and Seek co-leading the round and existing investors M12 and Our Innovation Fund also participating.

Virtual Boardroom Lunch

🍱 If you’re a sophisticated investor looking to access to high calibre technology deals, we are hosting a TEN13 prospective member virtual boardroom lunch this Wednesday on the 24th of June from 12–1 pm. Every sign up gets free lunch delivered (via Uber eats gift card). Learn more about our latest exits, our winning model and why we love investing in startup companies. Register on the form here.

Who’s Hiring?

It’s been a tough time for the startup ecosystem this year, not only for founders but for the employees that help these businesses grow, innovate and succeed — looking for something new? Here are some of the startups in our portfolio that are hiring right now.

🤝 Drawboard is looking for a customer success manager based in Melbourne or New York.

📼 Clipchamp is hiring its first associate product manager’s. They are also still engaging in hiring for growth, front & backend engineering as well as web devs in Brisbane.

🔒 Arkose Labs is hiring senior software, QA & SRE engineering and looking out for a killer partner sales manager in SF & Brisbane.

👩🏻‍💼 GO1 off the back of their raise is hiring for customer success managers, engineering manager and senior software devs in Brisbane & Sydney.

👩🏾‍💻 Kapiche is on the lookout for an account executive and a software engineer in Brisbane.

👩🏻‍🏫 Wonde is looking out for account managers, developers and integration members in London.

Getting Together

We managed to find time to get the entire team together for lunch last week for the first time in nearly 3 months to celebrate closing our 5th deal on the platform. It was amazing to be able to sit down at a restaurant and have an in-person conversation again.

We are looking forward to hosting our TEN13 launch party and meeting our portfolio founders for drinks again.

What are we read last month

💸 Sammy Abdullah Co-founder of Blossom Street ventures did a breakdown of 99 SaaS IPO exits and where you can learn from their success.

🌏 Gené Teare from Crunchbase broke down global venture funding in Q1, and despite seed funding lowering around the globe Australia along with Indonesia & Brazil experienced the highest YoY growth in the first 4 months of 2020.

🏦 Softbank has announced it’s new $100m opportunity fund to support underrepresented founders.

⛅️ Justin Lipman Partner at EVP wrote some thoughts on the great venture refresh of 2020 that is worth a read.

🚀 We use the word rocketship a lot in venture but rarely get to talk about actual rockets. Space X launched its very first crewed mission last week.

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