August 12, 2022

Chipper Cash US$13.8m Series A | Trade Hounds US$3.2m Round | Aussie Founders Webinar

Catch up on all the news and fund raising announcements from TEN13, Australia's fastest growing syndicate.

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Doug Oliver

It’s been an exciting month at TEN13 after finally being able to announce our 5th investment in Chipper Cash. We have received an influx of new members not wanting to miss out on deals and even referrals to some amazing founders looking to make shifts in industries weighed down by incumbent tech.

While the stock market in Australia and particularly the US continues its kangaroo trend, the venture space is heating up with more deals and acquisitions being announced.

We are happy to continue helping more founders and getting sophisticated investors involved in early-stage technology investment — so get in touch, pitch to us or sign up via our website.

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Ignite Ideas Grant — Round 7 (QLD) $100k-200k

The 7th round of the ignite ideas grant has gone live with a super tight deadline of Thursday, July 16th 10 am AEST for registered Queensland businesses.

Viability and scalability beyond completion of the project must be a key long term outcome. Matched funding of 20% is needed for 100k grants and equal for $100–200k grants. You can read more here.

From previous experience, this deadline is extremely tight for the work required to complete an application, we encourage you to start this week if you are interested.

What the team has been up to

👨🏼‍💻 Stew and Steve talked to the Australian Financial Review on our latest Chipper Cash investment. Why Africa excites us and the exciting growth of the company.

👨‍⚖️ Stew chatted with the Aussie Founders Network on reimagining tomorrow (password: Z00ml!nks). Along with Tanya Titman, Ben Wood and Carl Hartmann on accelerating past the last couple months and how incumbents are more receptive to change.

📝 Stew and Lachlan published our investment notes on Chipper Cash on our blog. We talk about Chipper’s mission to make money transfers accessible and reduce exorbitant remittance costs.

Round of Applause

🐶 Our Transition Level portfolio company Trade Hounds raised their latest investment round of US$3.2m to create LinkedIn for the construction and trade industry.

💸 We announced our participation in Chipper Cash’s US$13.8m Series A round alongside Deciens Capital, 500 Startups and Liquid 2 Ventures the VC firm started by Joe Montana. You can read about it in Tech Crunch.

We are back with our virtual boardroom lunches

🍱 If you’re a sophisticated investor looking to access to high calibre technology deals, we are hosting a virtual boardroom lunch next month of July 22nd from 12–1 pm. Every sign up gets free lunch delivered (via Uber eats gift card). Learn more about our latest exits, our winning model and why we love investing in startup companies. Register here.

Who’s Hiring?

🤝 Drawboard is looking for a Senior User Experience Designer in Melbourne and a Sales Manager in New York.

📼 Clipchamp is still hiring its first associate product manager’s. They are also always growing in growth, front & backend engineering as well as web devs in Brisbane.

🔒 Arkose Labs are still hiring in senior software, QA & SRE engineering and looking out for an awesome partner sales manager in SF & Brisbane.

👩🏻‍💼 GO1 on the search for Senior Software Developers in Brisbane, Customer Success Managers in Melbourne and a Corporate Counsel in Sydney.

👩🏾‍💻 Chipper Cash is looking for an amazing remote Senior Software Engineer, you can be based anywhere!

What are we reading this month

💸 Foundation Inc did a great breakdown on how SEO played a big part in the recent $6 billion Canva valuation.

↗️ Australian and US tech stocks continued to outperform the general markets and the AFR broke it down.

👁👄👁 Took over twitter for 48 hours showing the virality engine that could be created. Highlighting the FOMO effects that Silicon Valley and VC firms can fall into. But also raising 200k for Black Lives Matter causes in the process.

🌊 Discovering how the 1989 cult classic The Abyss and James Cameron’s vision to push CG effects led to a little known thing called Photoshop and how it continued reinventing CG into the 90’s with films like Terminator 2.

🏦 Keeping up to date with the latest news from the Wirecard scandal and how US$2 billion disappeared quicker than the companies stock price.

🎨 Kevin Kwok did a write up on why companies like Figma win the market, off the back of their $50m @ $2b valuation.

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