August 12, 2022

Deal #008 Subscribed | Future Unicorns | Big September

Catch up on all the news and fund raising announcements from TEN13, Australia's fastest growing syndicate.

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Doug Oliver

Last quarter we wrapped up 2 exciting new deals and a follow-on investment and after fuelling up for another flight we are on the tarmac for take-off once again!

Stay tuned because this is looking to be our biggest month yet with multiple deals looking to fire in the first half of this month.

As always if you missed our latest memo, monthly or want to follow us on socials or attend exclusive events you can find more information here.

What we’ve been up to

🏥 Is telehealth the hero we deserve or just the one we need right now?

Stew wrote an article on the future of telehealth in Australia on the back of the biggest two providers Teladoc (NYSE: TDOC) and Livongo (NDAQ: LVGO) announcing their merger. Hims & Hers also started a trend of startups looking to enter public markets through SPAC offerings.

🛫 Preparing for launch

September is lining up to be the biggest month to date for us so we spent some time making sure systems are ready to go and onboarding our new members so they are able to invest alongside us in our next deal.

💌 Future Unicorns

GO1 (Transition Level) & Clipchamp (TEN13 & Transition Level) portfolio companies were featured in The Courier Mail future Queensland unicorn list. Stew sat down to talk about what this means for Queensland.

September Info Session

If you’re a sophisticated investor or know one that might be interested in investing in venture capital our next info session is next week on the 9th of September from 12–1 pm.

You can sign up here.

A quick reminder of our model:

  • Free membership
  • Ability to choose your investments after our already extensive due diligence process. Build your own portfolio!
  • Start investing at only $10k per deal
  • Steve is the largest check in every deal, so we have real skin in the game alongside our members
  • Read our FAQ or email us anytime at with any questions.

What has sparked our interest

🎶 Looking up the first participants of Tik Tok’s $200m USD creator fund.

🍽 How does a chef become one of the most influential people in the world? An amazing thread about René Redzepi the creative chef behind Noma (4-times world’s best restaurant).

✌️ Following the traction of Angel List’s rolling fund model.

⛱Playing in the new regulatory sandbox that was just announced for accelerating Fintech innovation in Australia. We can’t wait to see the companies that use this framework to launch their products.

💳 Is stripe the internet’s most undervalued company?

Get Hired

We have gone out with a talent application to our network off the back of the interest from the press this week.

If you’re looking for a role in our portfolio, let us know by filling in the form here.

Safe travels,
TEN3 Team

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