August 12, 2022

3 deals in 3 Days | Investing in the Future of Audio | Forage Series A

Catch up on all the news and fundraising announcements from TEN13, Australia's fastest growing syndicate.

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Doug Oliver

We predicted a busy September at TEN13, deals rarely take off on time and the opportunity to invest may arrive at the terminal ahead of schedule.

It’s been a busy month as portfolio companies announce their Series A rounds, we revealed our latest deal at TEN13 and more investors arrive on the platform.

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What we’ve been up to

🎙 Invested in the future of Audio with Vurbl

We invested in LA-based Vurbl Media’s AUD$1.8m seed round who are unlocking the power of audio through discovery and UGC creation.

🛫  Launched 3 Deals in 3 Days

We launched 3 deals across 3 consecutive business days in September, a flurry of activity and exciting times — looking forward to announcing these exciting investments.

🌳 Celebrating Forage Announces their Series A Led by Light Speed Ventures

Our Transition Level Investments portfolio company Forage (Formerly Inside Sherpa) announced their US$9.3m Series A investment on TechCrunch. Well done to Pasha and Tom on the continued success and providing remote internships and support during the lockdown.

👋🏼  Obsessing over Vurbl’s audio-focused team page

What does a team page represent apart from a nice picture and some social links or a short biography? Vurbl gets personal adding a very on-brand audio conversation to know who exactly is building the product.

📺  Tuning into AusBiz

Stew hopped on AuzBiz to talk about TEN13 and our latest investment into Vurbl and how we find great US businesses to invest in.

October Info Session

If you’re a sophisticated investor or know one that might be interested in investing in venture capital our next info session is next week on the 14th of October from 12–1 pm AEDT.

You can sign up here.

A quick reminder of our model:

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  • Ability to choose your investments after our already extensive due diligence process. Build your own portfolio!
  • Steve invests in every deal, so we have real skin in the game alongside our members
  • Read our FAQ or email us anytime at with any questions.

What has sparked our interest

📈 Masters of Scale is back this week with Reid talking to his first-ever virtual guest and on building authenticity with AI.

🚛 Watching the Nikola and its stock roll down a hill.

✨ Galileo Ventures closed its first $10m fund to support emerging founders coming out of universities and research.

🤩What does it feel like when you’ve reached product market fit? Hear from some of the largest technology successes when the engine starts to whirr.

🏦Why every company will be a fintech. Partner Angela Strange from A16z talks to Harry Stebbings (on 20VC).

Who’s Hiring? Get Hired

We are keeping our talent application rolling!

We launched our talent application last month and received an immediate positive response from our portfolio companies along with several meetings trying to place candidates into roles in our portfolio and greater network.

If you’re looking for a role in our portfolio, let us know by filling in the form here.

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