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​​A global network of VCs, founders and corporate executives investing through our syndicate platform.


Only the top 1% of deals we source make it through our extensive due diligence. Choice in individual deals starting at 10k.


Our technology portfolio has achieved top quartile venture capital returns since 2011.


A global network of VCs, founders and corporate executives delivering opportunity you won’t find elsewhere.

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A syndicated investment platform that lets sophisticated investors co-invest with Transition Level Investments, the family office of Steve Baxter.

Only the top 1% make it through to TEN13

We review over 600 deals per year. Through TEN13 we’re giving investors access to investment opportunities usually only seen by institutional investors.

Let us take care of the nuts & bolts

We benchmark and carry out extensive due diligence on every opportunity to negotiate the best terms for your interest while being fair to founders.

TEN13 is driven by network investing

The deeper the network, the greater the value to everyone involved. TEN13 members leverage the value of our 12,000+ connections worldwide.


The majority of our investors qualify as sophisticated investors category under the wholesale investor guidelines. To qualify as a sophisticated investor must have either net assets of more than A$2,500,000 or a gross income for each of the last two financial years of at least A$250,000 per annum.


  • Australian Investors with accredited ‘sophisticated investor’ status
  • Invitation is selective
  • Membership is free


  • Once onboarded, access deal memos
  • Review live deal opportunities
  • Deals only shared with TEN13 members


  • Back early stage technology companies of your choice
  • Build your portfolio
  • Access investor education and exclusive events


Every investor has an investment mandate. Ours is 'network-based investing'.

Early stage investing is a high risk, long term strategy.  Over time, we mitigate risk through the strength of the TEN13 network.

We believe in the power of networks, the strength of our TEN13 network drives a compound effect of collective knowledge, connectivity and fire-power


Picking ‘winners’ is part art, part science. The collective power of our network will help us source each prospective deal. The collective depth of our network helps us source, review and complete due diligence each prospective deal.


The value of the TEN13 network of future business leaders and early stage investors is growing exponentially. As we grow our network, we can help add significant value to our portfolio and help them succeed.


By pooling funds, TEN13 members will get access to more deals and on better terms than if they were going it alone. Through TEN13 you can build a portfolio of exciting growth companies.



Steve Baxter

CEO Transition Level Investments

Investors will fuel the tech based economy of the future. We’re providing access to the world’s most promising startups today.

Stew Glynn

Partner, TEN13

Through TEN13, investors can benefit from the many lessons we’ve learnt as early stage investors in over 30 companies.

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